Giving Cyprus a green future

Together, we took a step towards a healthier, greener Cyprus! Read about our environmental initiative in Cyprus for ecological restoration.

A young elephant's walk of hope

Deriv's animal welfare CSR sponsorship project provides prosthetics and mobility to injured wildlife like Ellie the elephant. Read her story here.

4L Trophy x Deriv

Deriv saw a great opportunity in the 4L Trophy race; a csr initiative that goes off the beaten track. Read more about this sponsorship project.

Kahuna on the map

Where did the Kahuna team stop during their expedition? Why were these locations special? Learn how this CSR sponsorship reflects our adventurous spirit.

Meet the Kahuna team

Get to know Kahuna team members Robin, Quentin, Baptistin, and Yvan. Learn what their skills mean for this CSR sponsorship.

Why Deriv partnered with Kahuna

Deriv is committed to exploring new ideas and sponsoring meaningful projects. Read how the Kahuna csr initiative aligns with our values.

Expedition Kahuna

Discover how the Kahuna journey was inspired and its goal. This CSR initiative combines education and adventure for 4 engineers.


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