Deriv believes in the power of collaboration to create meaningful change. Our partnership with DuHope, a local NGO in Rwanda, exemplifies this belief by supporting women transitioning from survival sex work to sustainable careers. Together, we’re fostering economic empowerment and building a brighter future for these women and their communities.

Deriv Rwanda employees and an employee from DuHope painting workshop for the Rwanda Africa CSR program
Deriv Rwanda employees and an employee from DuHope are painting a mural in a workshop room.

Joining hands with DuHope

Deriv’s collaboration with DuHope aims to provide the survival sex workers with essential skills, tools, and ongoing support. By equipping these women with vocational training in jewellery making, soccer ball production, and gardening, we help them forge new, independent paths. The initiative also addresses critical needs like clean water and female hygiene, ensuring these women have a solid foundation for their future.

A woman prepares the ground to plant a new tree
One of our Deriv Rwanda employees loosening the soil to plant a tree.

A walk for hope 

But our commitment doesn’t stop at the Rwandan borders. This initiative is a call to action for Deriv employees worldwide through our #WALKFORHOPE campaign. We’ve invited all Derivians to walk, run, cycle, and jog, logging the distance they cover via the Adidas running app, with the collective goal of reaching 50,000 km. Once we hit this milestone, Deriv will donate an additional USD 5,000 to this CSR initiative.

Screenshot of a map displaying Deriv Malta employees' total distance in a charity run for Rwanda CSR
Distance covered by our Deriv Malta employees in a charity run.

Transforming vocational spaces

In February, Deriv Rwanda painted and furnished the vocational training workshop, branding the cupboards and tables with the Deriv logo. This marks the beginning of our hands-on involvement, with local Derivians joining the repainting and furnishing efforts. It was a chance to roll up our sleeves and contribute directly to the transformation of this space.

Tables and cupboards with Deriv logo
Vocational training workshop with Deriv's logo displayed on tables and cupboards.

Building a memorial garden

April is a time of solemn remembrance, marking the anniversary of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. On 11 May, Deriv helped to create and beautify a memorial garden, a place of reflection and hope. Deriv-branded gardening boots were distributed to all participants, symbolising our commitment to growth and renewal.

Deriv Rwanda volunteers join the community in planting trees for the memorial garden
A group of Deriv volunteers in Rwanda, wearing Deriv shirts planting a young tree in a garden.

Empowerment through social responsibility

Through this global engagement, we're not just supporting a cause; we're walking with these women towards a brighter, empowered future. Every step we take, every kilometre we log, brings us closer to transforming lives. This initiative is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together with a shared purpose.

Deriv Rwanda employees posing with their planned workshop painting
Deriv Rwanda employees holding a picture of the image they planned to paint on the workshop wall.

Join us on this journey

We invite you to follow Deriv Life for the latest updates on this amazing CSR journey. Each month, we’ll bring you new stories of transformation and hope, highlighting the impact of Deriv Rwanda’s CSR programme. You can also join us in supporting DuHope by visiting their website, donating, or volunteering. Together, we can make a difference.