What does it mean to be a socially responsible company? For us at Deriv, it means more than just writing a cheque. It means getting involved, getting inspired, and getting to know the people we are helping. That’s why, this year, Deriv Malta started a six-month CSR programme with Puttinu Cares, a leading Maltese NGO that supports children with cancer and their families. 

Deriv volunteers at a charity shop in Qawra, Malta
Deriv volunteers at Puttinu Cares charity shop in Qawra, Malta

The first step in a six-month CSR journey

The first phase of Deriv Malta’s CSR journey was a hands-on experience at Puttinu Cares’ charity shops. The team swapped their desks for shelves, sorting through donations, arranging items, and serving customers. This gave them a chance to help with some of the fund raising operations of the NGO. 

Deriv volunteers also got to interact with Puttinu Cares staff, who shared their stories and passion for the cause. This created a bond between the two organisations and a deeper appreciation for the work they do.

A Deriv volunteer in Puttinu Cares charity shop in Gzira, Malta
A Deriv volunteer organising clothes in Puttinu Cares charity shop in Gzira, Malta

Malta CSR carnival brings fun and smiles

Deriv Malta threw a delightful Carnival Party on 12 February for 80 children and their loved ones. The event was a vibrant celebration filled with laughter and joy, providing the children with a much-needed opportunity to relax and simply have fun. The carnival featured a variety of activities, including a bouncy castle, playhouses, building blocks, and a ball pit, all designed to spark creativity and excitement. The decorations incorporated the popular Wonka theme, transporting the children to a world of imagination and magical possibilities. The children were treated to a captivating magic show, balloon art, lively dancing, and a fun photo booth, creating lasting memories.

Deriv volunteers at the carnival party for the Malta CSR project
Deriv volunteers after setting up the decorations and games for the cancer children’s Carnival Party in Malta

More than just a CSR project for Deriv

The genuine smiles on the children's faces and the heartfelt appreciation from their families served as a powerful testament to the impact of our efforts. This experience underscored the importance of community and the positive influence even small gestures can have on those facing challenging circumstances.

Deriv Malta’s CSR journey with Puttinu Cares is a 6-month commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families. The success of the first two months inspires the team, and they look forward to continuing their collaboration with Puttinu Cares in the coming months.

Decorations for the Carnival, organised by Deriv
Deriv prepared a night of magical fun for Puttinu Cares’ children and families in Malta.

Going beyond corporate social responsibility

In March, Deriv Malta stepped up their game, donating six smart TVs to Puttinu Cares’ accommodations for children with cancer undergoing treatment away from home, smashing their initial target of 5! These TVs offer children the chance to dive into the world of their favourite cartoons, access a wide array of music on YouTube, immerse themselves in exciting games, and learn through interactive programmes. It’s a simple yet profound way to bring joy and a sense of normalcy to their days, making their time at Puttinu Cares a bit brighter and more comfortable.

But the wave of community spirit didn’t stop there. An emotionally resonant, employee-driven initiative took place within the Malta office, showcasing the team’s strong sense of unity and compassion. A mother whose son is undergoing treatment for leukaemia was organising a Healthy Wrap Day to raise funds for Puttinu Cares. The Malta office came together to order these wraps, not only as a supportive gesture for the mother and the NGO but also as a meaningful contribution to the well-being of the children and their caregivers.

Deriv employees at the Malta office
Healthy Wrap Day at the Deriv Malta office

Join us in this journey

We invite you to follow Deriv Life for the latest updates on this amazing CSR journey. Every month, we will share a new chapter of this story, showcasing the impact of Deriv Malta’s CSR programme and the stories of the people they help. You can also join us in supporting Puttinu Cares by visiting their website, donating, or volunteering. Together, we can make a difference. 

Updated: 3rd April 2024