The vast expanse of the Arctic, where storms rage, waves tower, and temperatures plummet, did not deter a team of young adventurers who embarked on a journey that would test their limits and redefine their understanding of success.

An environmental CSR project fueled by teamwork

The Kahuna team's expedition has been nothing short of extraordinary. It was a testament to their unwavering determination and unbreakable bond that showcased the power of teamwork.

Their adventure began with excitement and trepidation as they set sail from the mainland of  Lorient in France, navigating treacherous waters of the English Channel and North Sea and heading towards the remote archipelago of Svalbard.

From the get-go, the team faced the full force of nature's fury. Storms battered their vessel, threatening to tear it apart. But, fueled by a shared passion for exploration, they persevered.

With each wave that crashed against their boat, their resolve grew stronger. They navigated the turbulent seas with utmost willpower, relying on the camaraderie and trust they had built over months of preparation.

As they approached the frozen shores of Svalbard, they were greeted by a landscape that seemed otherworldly. The icy chill penetrated their bones, and the harsh conditions took a toll on their bodies. But the allure of the untouched landscapes and the promise of discovery propelled them forward. Bundled up in layers of protective gear, they ventured into the frozen tundra, leaving their footprints behind.

Long hikes across the desolate expanse tested their physical endurance and mental strength. Each step was a battle against the biting cold, but the Kahuna team persisted, their eyes fixed on the horizon. The isolation of the Arctic wilderness humbled them as it reminded them of the immense power of nature and the fragility of human existence.

Kahuna team member climbing a mountain

The mountaineering challenges pushed the team to their breaking point. They faced towering peaks, dizzying heights, tricky ice cliffs, and dangerous crevasses. Yet, with overcoming each obstacle, their spirits soared. 

With each taxing ascent, they reflected on not only their personal achievements but also the strength of their team. Through their expedition, they discovered the true essence of adventure — the unyielding pursuit of dreams.

Deriv x Kahuna: the first of many CSR environment projects

Throughout Kahuna’s journey, Deriv has chronicled their explorations from day one, leaving those who followed their adventure awe-struck as it also gave the opportunity to peek into the elusive beauty of the Arctic wilderness. At every stage, the team has showcased the resilience of the human spirit, which Deriv takes inspiration from to further cultivate its core values as a company.

Continuing Deriv’s commitment to environmental stewardship, it is with great pleasure to support the Kahuna team again on their next exploration — this time to the breathtaking Patagonia.